Benefits of Ceramic coating

Benefits of ceramic coating your vehicle.

Amazing gloss and depth combined with durable protectection and usurpassed self cleaning abilities.  Once cured ceramic coating is measure to have hardness above 9H.  Normal clear coat on a vehicle is rated between 2H and 4H.  The increase in hardness allows it to provide protection and resistance against minor scratches, marring and damage due to environmental hazards.  The nano technology allows the product to fill the smallest pores and imperfections in the paint to give the finish a glass like appearence.  This ultra smooth finish is extremely slick and hydrophobic which lends to being less maintenence and keeps your vehicle clean for longer periods of time.  With this lower surface tension environmental contaminants such as bugs, dirt, tar, road debris and bird droppings have a harder time sticking to the surface and therefor have less of damaging the paint.  Ceramic coatings are truly the best protection available in todays market.