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Interior Services

Your vehicles interior is exposed to all kinds of elements through the course of its life.  We understand the importance of keeping it looking and feeling as fresh as possible.  After all we do spend the majority of our time inside the vehicles we own.  Street Salon offers a full line of interior car care services.  From spot cleaning to carpet shampooing, steam cleaning, leather conditioning and scotch guard treatments we have you covered.

* Please remove personal belongings before dropping off your vehicle.  We are not responsible for any valuables left inside the vehicle.  Thank you

Interior Complete                              $200 Cars  Midsize $225  Fullsize $250

Interior Steam Cleaning                    $100/120

Dog Hair Removal                            from $50/hr

Leather Conditioner                           $60/80

Shampoo Headliner                            $50

Front Seat Removal                            $50

Scotch Guard Fabric Protection          $100/120

Chlorine tablet treatment                           $200

Leather and Vinyl Repair                    from $150